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for Your New Appliances!

Appliance Buying Tips

Before you shop for a new appliance, here are some helpful tips to ensure a great fit and a smooth delivery and installation process.

 Measuring for a New Refrigerator 

  • Measure width – may vary from place to place, so take several and write down the smallest one.

  • Measure height – measure from floor to lowest point of upper cabinet

  • Measure depth – measure from back wall to front edge of counter or adjacent wall

  • Think about how the doors will open on the new refrigerator and how this will work in your home.

  • Lastly, map the shortest path to the front door and take note if there are smaller doors that the refrigerator will have to travel through for installation.  Measurements of these smaller openings are always good to have.

 Measuring for a New Washer & Dryer 

  • Measure width -  washers and dryers need at least 1 inch of space on between and on either side for noise reduction 

  • Measure depth - add at least 6 inches of space for dryer vents and water/drain connections.

  • Measure height – measure from floor to lowest point on cabinets above if they are present.   Top load machines will have to have the clearance for the door.

  • Be sure to pay attention to how your machines will be setup and leave adequate space in front for loading/unloading.

  • Make a note or take a picture of the 220V outlet that the dryer will connects to.  Either 3 or 4 prong.

 Measuring for a New Range/Oven 

  • Measure width – measure the distance between each side of the countertop

  • Determine your source of fuel.  You will either need gas or electric.  Some homes offer both.

  • If electric make note of the 220V outlet that the range will connect to.  Either 3 or 4 prong.  (an easy way to tell, without removing your existing range, is to remove the bottom drawer and see if the cord is grey or black.  Grey is 3, black is 4.)

  • Wall ovens / Cooktops – you may want to have your installer or contractor measure the opening.